About Our Company

Prodokraft goes beyond being just an e-commerce platform. Our name, a fusion of "Prodo" and "Kraft" signifies the creativity and culture of our country, connecting the world to India's finest treasures. Each collection tells a story of passion and artistry. We empower artisans globally, providing a platform to showcase their craft and sustain their livelihoods. Our goal is to spread the magic of Indian Craftsmanship and become the go-to destination for authentic Indian craft products.

The Story: Behind Prodokraft are two minds passionate about simplifying craftsmanship and preserving India's cultural heritage. Traditional art is slowly fading away in today's rapidly evolving world, where technology dominates.
Prodokraft aims to reverse this trend by celebrating Indian artisan’s creations and making them accessible worldwide. Our platform ensures that the traditions and skills of Indian artisans endure for generations to come.

Our Mission: at Prodokraft is Clear to bridge the gap between Culture and Craftsmanship. We strive to create a global market for handmade goods, empower artisans, and preserve India's rich cultural heritage.

Our Vision: is to be the premier destination for authentic Indian craftsmanship, enriching lives by sharing the beauty and heritage of handmade products worldwide. We aim to preserve India's cultural legacy while promoting the talents of our artisans on a global scale.

Our Core Values: define our commitment to Indian culture, craftsmanship, tradition preservation, global outreach, and sustainable livelihoods. We celebrate India's heritage, uphold time-honoured techniques, foster respect for cultural legacy, provide global exposure to artisans, and prioritise ethical practices

Prodokraft is proud to be certified by Startup Odisha, Startup India, and MSME, underscoring our commitment to quality, innovation, and supporting small businesses. These accolades validate our dedication to promoting authentic Indian craftsmanship.